~Late Season Squash~

Winter squash is prized for it's sweet rich creamy texture and vibrant mottled skin in a array of colors. Attractive but equally delicious, display them in your kitchen or enjoy them with dinner.
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Acorn ~ Carnival

Their skin is uniquely flecked with shades of green, gold and yellow; each one is different. The unusual color pattern makes a terrific display item for fall and the flavor is excellent.

Acorn ~ Confetti

A classic acorn shape and a unique beige coloring that is striped and mottled with dark green. Its sweet, orange flesh makes this squash as pretty as it is delicious.

Acorn ~ Table Ace

The finest, tastiest acorn squash we have ever grown. Color is excellent, and the thick, bright orange flesh is smooth and delicious. The rind is a black-green
and holds its color well

Buttercup ~ BonBon

A thick orange flesh that is very sweet and creamy. Deep green, smooth skin, and a prominent gray "button"
at the base. One of our favorite
winter squash for flavor
and it freezes very well.

Galeux D' eysines

An elegant French heirloom with an elegant sounding name. Magnifique! This stunning squash has beautiful salmon-peach colored skin covered with peanut shell-like bumps caused by sugar in the skin. Traditionally used in France for soups and sauces, cooked the sweet, orange flesh is as smooth as velvet

Hubbard ~ Blue

A New England favorite the
blue - gray rind hides the
deep orange flesh that is
sweet with a fine texture


A sweet, nutty flavor and glorious persimmon-orange color so lovely you may be tempted to display them rather than eat them. Succulent, ultra-sweet flavor is brought out when this
squash is baked or steamed.


It's a winter squash that looks like a pumpkin. The very thick dark
orange-yellow flesh is even
sweeter than acorn and
each squash is approx. 15 lbs.

Pumpkin 1-2 Many

A wonderful decorative pumpkin. Beautiful variegated skinned fruits are a must for autumn decoration.

Pumpkin Cotton Candy

This white pumpkin really stands out from the rest. Brite white fruit, with a true pumpkin shape and sturdy
handles 5-12 lbs. and its
flesh is also pure white.

Pumpkin  Knucklehead

Their rind blisters up into an almost unbelievable, bumpy, warty terrain. The fruit ripen from forest green to a solid, deep orange no need to carve this pumpkin for a freighting look.

Pumpkin Neon

These small Jack O’Lanterns have vivid, almost florescent orange color. and a strong dark green - Black handle.
Ready for you to decorate.

Pumpkin  Long Island Cheese

This Long Island heirloom is the first choice for making delicious autumn pies. Resembling a buff colored wheel of cheese. Flesh is orange and quite sweet.